Experience the Benefits of Yoga

Connect with your body and mind to relieve discomfort, tightness, tension and stress...

and develop strength, balance, confidence and peace. 

Yoga can and will heal the body as well as help with quieting the mind stuff 

so you can live pain free and in peace

Yoga is accessible to all and every age...

One who takes to Yoga gains not only health and happiness but also freshness of mind.

"Most types of exercise are competitive. Yoga, although noncompetitive, is nevertheless challenging...  

The challenge is to one's own will power."

Come experience what Yoga can do for you!

El Grabar, E-RYT with Yoga Alliance

500-hour Yoga Teacher & Pranayama Certified

Restorative Yoga Specialist / Advanced Relax & Renew Trainer

Iyengar Yoga Teacher-in-Training


El is a highly-skilled and experienced certified Yoga Instructor, specializing in therapeutic Precision Alignment Yoga.  The Precision Alignment practice requires the practitioner to focus on precise movements of the body in a safe and healthy pattern to help heal acute pains & chronic discomforts.  She is currently expanding her training for Iyengar Yoga certification with mentor teachers Suzie Muchnick & Jan Campbell.

"If you don't take care of your body, where else will you live?"

El is also an Advanced Relax & Renew Restorative Yoga Trainer, providing deep restorative and healing practices for those with injuries or those desiring to learn how to relax the inner body & mind.  

Yoga for all levels in a safe & comfortable practice studio

Each class offers the experience of conscious movement, breathing awareness & restful relaxation. 
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Group Classes or Private Instruction Available

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Experience Yoga: Restorative Therapy with El Grabar

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Perfect the Art of Balance
Precision with Understanding

According to medical research... regularly stretching of your body and quieting of your mind, as you do in a Yoga practice, can reduce anxiety and stress while improving sleep patterns and overall health.  

“A yogi never forgets that health must begin with the body.  Physical health is not a commodity to be bargained for... Nor can it be swallowed in the form of drugs and pills.  It is something that we must build up. You have to create within yourself the experience of beauty, liberation, and infinity. This is health.” ~ B.K.S. Iyengar

A Yoga practice of stretching and relaxation can have therapeutic effects on your heart
...and on your immune, adrenals, digestive, and other physiological systems.

Testimonials about their Yoga Experience with El

"El demonstrates easy simple stretches that you can do every single day in the privacy of your own home. Best teacher - hands down - anywhere." -- Sandy, Jacksonville, FL

"Her style of teaching restorative yoga and Iyengar based asana is perfect for my body type and psyche. My need for chiropractic care has disappeared, overall flexibility has increased, and my chronically tight shoulders have relaxed so that I am able to relax into downward dog. El is attentive to each individual in her class. Patience, kindness, respect abound, as she challenges each student to reach her/his potential. In short, I would describe El as a Healer ~ physically and spiritually." -- Debrah, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"She gets to know your specific needs and really works with you to achieve your goals. There is never a sense of failure ...only positive energy! El guides you to reach your personal potential. I have taken restorative instruction from El for about a year now, and find that I have more energy, more flexibility, and less pain." -- Marcie, Jacksonville Beach, FL

"El's classes reflect her deep commitment to her students and a thoughtful and creative approach to helping us restore flexibility and strength that we thought we had lost for good." -- Hope, Atlantic Beach, FL

"Everyone I've met in class agrees that El has a virtue of helping each of us feel like we are the only one there!" -- Lisa, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Experience your Yoga by contacting El Grabar @ (904) 534-8546 or e-mail @ elgrabar@gmail.com 

Safe & Comfortable Practice Studio

13364 Beach Blvd. #324, Jacksonville, FL | (904) 534-8546

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